Recreational Outfitters – 2021-06 – Invoice #120




Invoice #114 – June 01, 2021:

Billed client for 18 hours of work for Navigation UI Design + Development

Invoice #119 – June 27, 2021:

Billed client for 20 hours of work for Site changes, in stock and secured transaction feature, tag functionalities and implementation in collection, product and cart pages, sidebar navigation advertisement banner, desktop view of navigation bar to to mobile view

Invoice #120 – August 20, 2021:

Related Department Module Design (Mobile Included)
Related Department Module Development + Mobile Development
About Manufacturer Page Design (Mobile Included)
About Manufacturer Page Development + Mobile
Shipping Info on Product Page Design (Mobile Included)
Shipping Info on Product Page Development
On-going bug fixes and installing code snippets for apps


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