30 Minute Consultation

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You will have a consultation period with Mahtab Alam, the founder of Muscled Digital Agency. He has built multiple Shopify stores that have generated 5-figure revenue within days (less than 20 days). He is the founder of Versatile Desk, which generated $17k in 20 days from $7k spent on Facebook/IG ads and ranks #1 on Google. Mahtab is a self-taught software developer and currently serves as a software architect as well as technical project manager for a fast-growing LA based startup, GR0.

In this 30 minute consultation, Mahtab will ask a series of questions related to your business and come up with a light vision of the digital asset that can be produced and a tentative timeframe.

In this call, he will recommend what initial investment will be required to do a full-analysis of your idea, which would include the scope of the project, technology stack, time analysis and cost structure.

Further calls may be required if the idea of your digital asset is not clear from the questions asked.


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