We find products that we believe in and build a brand around those products with the use of social media, e-commerce, and paid advertising such as Facebook and Instagram Ads and Influencer Ads. An average client of ours receive over 50% return on ad spent.


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What is the unpuzzle learning methodology?

Unpuzzle learning methodology takes a big chunk of knowledge (an image, video, audio, text, webpage, code snippet) and breaks it down into lower, easier levels of knowledge which are also represented by the aforementioned digital media. The level to which a big chunk of knowledge is broken down is different for everyone.

For example, if we take two individuals — one who has worked in the construction industry and one who hasn’t and we offer to teach them how to build a bridge, the level to which both of the individuals break down their learning is different. Obviously, the one who has worked in the construction industry has established levels of knowledge about how to build a bridge throughout his years of experience whereas the other individual doesn’t. unpuzzle learning methodology therefore aims to break down big chunks of knowledge into very small, understandable chunks of knowledge so that individuals can identify the level they’re at and progress accordingly.

September 12, 2012
Development / Ideas