We find products that we believe in and build a brand around those products with the use of social media, e-commerce, and paid advertising such as Facebook and Instagram Ads and Influencer Ads. An average client of ours receive over 50% return on ad spent.


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720 Bathurst St, Toronto, ON M5R 2S4, Canada

+1 (866) 687-2533

Versatile Desk

Client Requirements

1. Find a profitable product
2. Create a brand around the product
3. Create a one-product store
4. Create Multiple Video and Image/GIFs Creatives for Ads and Branding
5. Create Successful Facebook Marketing Campaigns
6. Set up Abandoned Cart Emails and SMS alerts
7. Set up Pre-Purchase and Post-Purchase Upsells
8. Use PageFly Page Builder to build a killer one product store
9. Setup Mail from Personal Domain for Customers

Project Results

1. $25,000 in sales in 6 weeks from FB Ads Manager Only
2. $10,000 profit in 20 Days
3. Adspent of approximately $10,000
4. SEO that drives sales without running ads
5. Instagram page with 1,300 followers and a brand


Order notifications after ads are optimized.

Shopify App screenshots detailing order summaries for the day, week, and month of January 2019.

Shopify Admin Data

1. The best period of this one product store was between January 11 to January 31, 2019.
2. $17,259 USD converts to $22,240 CAD in this period and ads-spent is only $10,240.
3. Approximately $31,000 CAD in six weeks.

Ad Account Data:

1. All currency in the Ad Account is in Canadian Dollars (CAD).
2. Proof that Muscled Inc owns this ad account and the personal account is “Mahtab Alam,” the
founder of Muscled Inc.
3. Best day for this one product store.